New Sweetwater HD truck relies on Artist matrix for intercom

When Los Angeles-based Sweetwater Digital Productions’ new 53ft HD double-expando teleproduction truck hits the road, it will have a Riedel Artist intercom system on board for communications.

Currently under construction and designed to accommodate large-scale concerts, awards ceremonies and high-profile sports and entertainment applications, the truck will be equipped with Riedel’s Artist 128. Sweetwater provides turnkey production system rentals.

Sweetwater, which already has four Riedel systems, based its decision to use the Artist 128 in the new vehicle partly on the fact that it makes linking communications between two or more trucks easy, according to Sweetwater chief engineer Mark Hale.

The Artist 128 mainframe provides 128 ports in a 6RU package. Like other Artist matrixes, the Artist 128 can grow to 1024 x 1024 ports by linking several mainframes over fiber.

All Artist matrix frame sizes now use the same type of controller and client cards and include increased memory for complex multinode installations, superior alarm signalization, optimized cooling for quiet operation, compatibility with legacy Artist frames and a flexible fiber option enabling the user to change the fiber-optic modules from multimode to single-mode.

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