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New streaming solution offers newsrooms alternative player

New video streaming technology promises to give TV newsrooms a way to help viewers watch news stories from their computers without first downloading a media player.

The new TrueMotion Streaming Java Applet software lets video encoded with On2's TrueMotion compression technologies be embedded in Web pages and played back with browsers that support the Java Virtual Machine.

The applet offers several advantages. Java Virtual Machine exists on almost all PCs in use today so most users won’t have to download and install player software.

Additionally, because Java was designed with security as a top priority, the TrueMotion Applet is not vulnerable to the many security problems and viruses that are associated with Internet video technologies relying on Microsoft's ActiveX technology.

The TrueMotion Applet features video and audio playback, HTTP streaming to accommodate users behind network firewalls, hyperlinking from the video to a Web URL and custom logo and re-branding options.

Watch an online demonstration of the applet.

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