New stations on air with DTV

Twenty-one more TV stations have begun transmitting a digital signal last week, bringing the total number of digital stations currently on-the-air to 768, according to the NAB.

Of the 17 new commercial DTV stations, Sinclair-owned NBC affiliate WTWC-TV Tallahassee, Fla. (Market Rank #107), and Nexstar-owned NBC affiliate KFDX-TV Wichita Falls, Tex. (Market Rank #142), are the first in their respective markets on-the-air with a digital signal.

The other new commercial stations include: WPMT-TV Harrisburg, Penn. (Market Rank #47); WFXL-TV Athens, Ga. (Market Rank #148); KUSI-TV San Diego, Calif. (Market Rank #26); KNWS-TV Houston, Tex. (Market Rank #11); KXXV-TV Waco, Tex. (Market Rank #93); KTVN-TV Reno, Nev. (Market Rank #114); KRNV-TV Reno, Nev. (Market Rank #114); WXPX-TV Tampa, Fla. (Market Rank #13); WBDT-TV Dayton, OH (Market Rank #58); KAUZ-TV Wichita Falls, Tex. (Market Rank #142); KCCO-TV Alexandria, Minn. (Market Rank #14); KCCW-TV Walker, Minn. (Market Rank #14); KLDT-TV Lake Dallas, Tex. (Market Rank #7); KREN-TV Reno, Nev. (Market Rank #114); and KBTV-TV Beaumont, Tex. (Market Rank #137).

Highlighting their support for DTV, four Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) stations, who are not mandated to begin DTV broadcasting until May of this year, have also made the NAB’s list of stations transitioning to DTV operations. They include WFYI-TV Indianapolis, IN (Market Rank #25); WSEC-TV Jacksonville, Ill. (Market Rank #82); KENW-TV Portales, NM (Market Rank #49); and WOUB-TV Athens, OH (Market Rank #61).

The NAB said that DTV signals are now being transmitted in 184 markets that include 97.34 percent of U.S. TV households. In addition, 71.89 percent of the more than 106 million U.S. TV households are in markets with five or more broadcasters airing DTV and 36.55 percent are in markets with eight or more broadcasters sending digital signals.

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