New Samsung plasma displays target commercial and professional markets

Samsung has released four new large-screen plasma displays.

The lineup includes the 42-inch PPM42H3, 42-inch PPM42SQ3, 50-inch PPM50H3Q and 63-inch PPM63H3Q. All four new plasma displays feature higher brightness levels and contrast ratios without reducing the life of the displays.

Samsung's 42-inch PPM42H3

The 42-inch PPM42H3 offers 1024x768 resolution and matches, pixel-by-pixel, the 720P HDTV format without the need for processing. The display also features a high 3000:1 contrast ratio and 1000cd/m2 brightness level. The higher contrast and brightness levels provide a more dynamic picture and provide a viewing experience that parallels film. The PPM42S3Q features an 852x480 resolution and still offers a high 3000:1 contrast ratio, 1000cd/m2 brightness level and 1366x768 resolution.

The PPM50H3Q is designed for presentation and digital signage usage and the PPM63H3Q can replace front and rear screen projectors. Both are high-end, large screen displays that sport a 3000:1 contrast ratio and 1000cd/m2 brightness level.

All displays incorporate Samsung’s Digital Natural Image enhancement (DNIe) that offers improved detail, contrast, 3-D motion and color, ensuring maximum on-screen image quality. In addition, all new displays feature advanced Anti-Burn Technologies including Auto Pixel Shift that keeps the images moving imperceptibly and Samsung’s Always White technology combines with its Signal Pattern Process to eliminate electrically charged residual images. For an array of display options, the plasmas feature variable aspect ratios with six separate modes including 16:9 and 4:3, and a 10x digital zoom and pan control.

Visit Samsung for more details.

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