New Russian IPTV Service Planned

Russian regional incumbent operators North-West Telecom, Sibir Telecom and Southern Telecommunications Co. have invested in Orca Interactive's IPTV platform in the first step in a planned network rollout. The wholesale IPTV offering is the result of a deal struck between Orca Interactive and Russian systems integrator BCC Company.

The partnership deal will see Orca and BCC marketing the new offering throughout Russia, in an effort to open up currently localised IPTV services to a wider audience. The move also marks Orca's entrance into the wholesale market.

The joint wholesale offering enables operators to generate new revenues by providing unique broadband access and TV services to their subscribers under their own brand. Each regional operator's service comprises TV channels, on-demand content, authentication and reporting that are sourced by a super-headend based in Moscow.

Using Orca's middleware operators can tailor content, user interfaces, services, pricing and electronic program guide (EPG) channels and offer an advanced IPTV package to other operators. In addition, BCC—which is responsible for implementation and maintenance has expanded on Orca's ervice delivery platform (SDP) to include additional applications by third-party vendors such as games and other services.

Sefy Ariely, vice president of sales and marketing at Orca Interactive, commented: "Though our partnership with BCC we are looking forward to untapping the potential of the IPTV industry in Russia, a market that has remained in its infancy throughout the last few years. We are confident that the implementation of a wholesale IPTV solution, adeptly carried out by BCC and powered by our highly flexible, customizable platform, will provide operators in Russia with the architecture to effectively deliver IPTV to the masses."