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New Mexico’s KNME upgrades audio to Solid State Logic

KNME-DT, the PBS station located in Albuquerque, NM, recently began a facility-wide upgrade to all-HD production with the audio component centered on a Solid State Logic C10 HD compact broadcast console.

The console was chosen to manage the audio needs of a variety of programs, from simple talking head-type news presentations to multi-microphone panel discussion productions. SSL said the C10 HD provides KNME with improved workflow, depth of features for high-end applications and ease-of-use for a wide range of operators, and it is 5.1-ready to facilitate future surround productions.

Among the many available features on the C10 HD, the Dialogue Automix option is particularly useful for the station during multi-microphone panel segments.

The C10 offers different levels of console function accessibility where the station can use experienced staff members to create a preset for a show on the top level. They can then lock out everything but the faders and Dialogue Automix and have a student with limited experience run the show with excellent results.v