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The latest edition of the iPhone adds several new video-centric features over the previous edition, including the equivalent of 720p video. The iPhone 4 introduced on June 7 by Apple's Steve Jobs includes a slightly slimmer, chrome-rimmed architecture and, for the most part, most of the same features (apps and all) of previous iPhone models.

But in the video department, the new version will include an "advanced backside illumination sensor" to record video in both bright and low-light settings. (And in dark environments, Jobs said the user can brighten scenes with the built-in LED light.)

As with the earlier version, iPhone 4 (opens in new tab) allows basic editing within the camera app on the phone — basically by dragging frames on a filmstrip for selecting start- and end-points, among other tools.

Also a new iMovie app (one-time fee of $5) from Apple, built expressly for iPhone 4 will allow users to combine and edit HD video clips, add dynamic themes and transitions, photos, and music into one viewable package that can be e-mailed and/or posted online.

The iPhone 4 becomes available on June 24, with pre-orders starting on June 15.