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New Gefen HDMI Switcher offers Cross-Point Integration

Gefen likes to think it has connections, and it does. Literally. Its newest unit announced this week is a matrix switcher upgraded for the HDMI v1.3 format with cross-point capability. (HDMI 1.4 surely will come later.)

Gefen 4x4 matrix switcher

The Chatsworth, Calif.-based firm said with HDCP compliance and support for all HDMI v1.3 features (including Deep Color), the 4x4 matrix connects and distributes any one of four HD sources to any one of four HD screens in plug-and-play mode. The switcher will support formats up to 1080p, as well as surround sound (DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD).

Gefen said the 4x4 Matrix for HDMI v1.3 can be controlled by IR remote and via the RS-232 port (for home automation). Installation requirements consist of single connections to its four sources/four displays. Boosted by a 24v power supply, the Matrix switches sources and displays in seconds.

The unit is single-rack mountable.