New Century Productions hits the road with FOR-A frame synchs

The FA-9100 offers 12-bit internal video processing and eight-channel support for embedded audio

Veteran sports production company New Century Productions, based in Allentown, PA, has purchased 18 HD/SD frame synchronizers from FOR-A for use in two of its mobile production units. NCP XI HD, a 53ft expanding HD trailer, is now equipped with 10 FOR-A FA-9100s HD/SD frame synchronizers, while NCP IV, an HD expando unit, travels with four FA-9100 units.

NCP XI, a newer addition to NCP’s fleet of a dozen vehicles, operates as a general-purpose production truck without a B unit. It is often used for set-shoot-strike events, which involve same day arrival, setup, production, and knock down — a common scenario when two sports teams in one region are competing during the same time of year.

The FA-9100 offers 12-bit internal video processing, eight-channel support for embedded audio and AES/EBU, and four-channel support for analog audio. Multichannel audio signal processing is possible without phase differences between channels, and audio delay adjustment is provided for synchronizing to the video signal. Options for the FA-9100/RPS include a DV/HDV interface, logo generator, Dolby E encoder/decoder, frame-rate converter and auto level controller.

The FA-9100 also offers an optional color corrector that integrates technology from the FOR-A DCC color-corrector series, which enables three color-correction modes with gamma correction, clip functions and other adjustments.