New alliance to provide extensive digital signage network products and services

ASDN, WiFi-Plus and In-Store Merchandising Solutions have teamed up to provide all aspects of electronic signage networks for advertising, traffic management, information services and public safety applications.

An alliance between electronic display and communications technology providers was established during the International Satellite and Communications exchange (ISCe) Conference and Expo, June 1-3, in Long Beach, CA. The alliance will provide electronic signage networks, including dual-use networks for advertising, traffic management, information services and public safety applications.

The alliance includes Automated Digital Signage Networks (ADSN), providers of an advanced dynamic image provisioning applications; WiFi-Plus, who provides patented obstruction penetrating, multi-polar WiFi antennas; and In-Store Merchandising Solutions (ISMS), which provides overall project planning, installation and management capabilities for electronic signage networks.

The announcement was made at ISCe2004, where the alliance partners held discussions with satellite service providers and emergency response agency officials attending the event. ISCe2004 is the 3rd annual gathering of officials and organizations with interests in satellite communications, homeland security, entertainment and commerce.

While a range of electronic display devices, including plasma, LED, LCD and CRT, can be used, key elements of the systems include patented WiFi and image provisioning capabilities.

"WiFi-Plus antennas have been used reliably in urban, outdoor and disaster situations," said Dennis Broderick, WiFi-Plus president. “We are pleased to become part of this alliance, which will deliver electronic signage networks to transportation systems, business centers, retail chains and others. By ensuring two-way communications with the display device and embedded sensors during emergency situations, signage can serve the dual-roles of successful commerce and safety."

The partnership draws upon ADSN's DIPA, a new category of back office software that allows message import and creation, intuitive multi-image display, file transport, image and information display, and complete image display audit trail. Additionally, ADSN capabilities allow control and communications with individual display devices or area groups in networks comprised of thousands of screens of various types and sizes. Further, the firm's DIPA application enables image triggering by Radio frequency Identification (RFID), biometrics or screen navigation. ADSN back office systems are currently used in public transportation, retail and other situations.

Commerce and public safety together define the dual use and cost effectiveness of new electronic signage network capabilities. Electronic signage networks growth is driven by decreasing display device costs, dramatic improvements in wireless communications and display management, along with the lowering of costs associated with ad composition and display. The ability to use installed signage networks for homeland security provides a further motivation for installing systems in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic.

Because the display device offers a platform for environmental monitoring equipment including smoke, heat and hazardous materials detection and cameras, the combination of display device, WiFi and DIPA offers a useful tool for emergency response organizations.

Visit ADSN, In-Store Merchandising Solutions or WiFi-Plus for more information.

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