New Air Time OB truck to assist South Africa in HD transition

The vehicle features a Euphonix Max Air console and StudioHub router integrated with the Pro-Bel Aurora control system.
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The Max Air digital audio mixing console in the new Air Time HD OB truck is a 40-fader system with 96 full processing channels.

Air Time, the outside broadcast (OB) division of South African Broadcasting, will use a newly installed Euphonix Max Air digital audio console in its latest teleproduction vehicle to support the nation’s transition to HD television.

The fully digital HD, 16-camera vehicle is the first of its kind in South Africa.

Sony in Basingstoke, UK, installed the Max Air console, which is a 40-fader system with 48 microphones, 96 full processing channels, 24 mix/sub group busses, 24 group matrix busses/clean feed outs and 16 Aux busses.

The installation is the first time a Max Air and its accompanying ES-SH612 StudioHub router have been integrated with the Pro-Bel Aurora control system. Throughout Europe and many other areas outside the United States, the Pro-Bel system is a dominant protocol for router control in the broadcast arena. Pro-Bel developed the ES-Control Protocol Converter to enable its Aurora control system to control the Euphonix ES-SH612.

Integrating the ES-SH612 StudioHub with the Pro-Bel system eliminated the need for two routing and I/O systems, resulting in cost savings and increased efficiency. The production monitors, I/O feeds, tape machines, console mix, aux and group busses are all simultaneously available on the router and console. This approach greatly simplifies how audio is routed throughout the OB truck.

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