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New Adobe After Effects Release Features Updated Version of Maxon’s Cinema 4D Lite

(Image credit: Maxon)

FRIEDRICHSDORF, Germany—Maxon has announced that the latest release of Adobe After Effects includes an updated version of Cinema 4D Lite. Based on Maxon’s Cinema 4D Release S24, the software is available immediately for download to Adobe Creative Cloud members.

This latest update symbolizes the ongoing collaboration between Maxon and Adobe to deliver improved integration and performance between Maxon’s powerful 3D application, Cinema 4D, and Adobe After Effects, motion graphics and visual effects software. 

Along with compatibility and workflow enhancements, this latest version includes the Asset Browser that features ready-to-use and animate 3D models, materials and other assets, Maxon said.  

A library of assets has been specifically curated and made available to Cinema 4D Lite users. Assets are organized with rich metadata and keywords and are downloaded and cached locally on demand.

Artists can use Cinema 4D Lite to create and import 3D content into their After Effects projects. Cinema 4D content can be added to After Effects projects just like footage, and artists can extract scene data, like cameras, 3D objects, object masks, etc., that can be manipulated inside of After Effects, the companies said.

Cinema 4D Lite can be launched within After Effects and independently as a standalone application.