NESN Installs Linear Acoustic Audio Gear

Linear Acoustic, a provider of television audio control announced that the New England Sports Network (NESN) recently installed an AERO.air processor from Linear Acoustic, a provider of television audio control technology. The network said the gear helped improve its audio quality, resulting in fewer viewer complaints.

"We were getting loudness complaints at almost every pro event," says Dave Desrochers, NESN vice president of engineering. "When we tested the AERO.air, customers called and e-mailed to say that we sounded great. Then we took the unit out post-test and received more viewer calls. 'What happened? You had it fixed!' The answer was obvious. Get the AERO.air back on line. We ordered two right away."

The Linear Acoustic AERO.air—now available in 2RU—offers broadcasters ultimate loudness control, audio processing, decoding, and encoding for television audio. Two versions of the AERO.air processor are available, and units can be field software upgraded to add features as needed. Factory presets are included along with extensive access to controls to allow further tuning by experienced users. The AERO.air can be adjusted for wideband multistage processing, multiband multistage processing, or anywhere in between.

"The AERO.air is performing like a champ. Install and setup was easy, and we haven't touched it since," added Desrochers. "And no more loudness complaints. The fans must like what they're hearing."