NEP Provides 3DTV Audio With Calrec

Pittsburgh-based NEP Productions is now using a Calrec Alpha digital audio console in its SS32 mobile production unit, which is the main remote truck used in ESPN’s 3D event coverage. The console employs Bluefin processing technology and features 162 stereo and 156 mono channels. It can deliver up to 78 full 5.1 audio channels.

“We go back to Calrec time and again for three reasons,” said George Hoover, chief technology officer for NEP Supershooters. “First, we use several dozen different audio operators all over the country, and every one of them is familiar with the Calrec console, so there's no learning curve. Second, the consoles are completely reliable, which is critical with the workout we give them week in and week out. Finally, as we and everybody else figure out 3-D production, we need as much capability as possible, and that's what the Calrec Alpha provides.”

NEP will also be using a legacy Calrec Q2 audio console in another of its 3DTV trucks, the SS31. NEP has Calrec gear in more than three dozen of its mobile production vans in both the United States and the United Kingdom.