NEP Airs 3D Baseball With Cobalt Converters

Pittsburgh-based NEP Productions recently scored a first by providing 3D television coverage of major league baseball, using Cobalt Digital’s 9901-UDX frame syncs to process incoming signals to help create the illusion of depth in the transmitted video.

“We wanted a ‘one card does it all’ solution for 3 Gb applications in 1080 3D work, and the Cobalt Digital 9901-UDX models give us exactly what we need,” said George Hoover, chief technology officer at NEP Broadcasting.

The 9901-UDX up/down/cross conversion technology was used to convert, synchronize and color correct video feeds. Two copies of a 2D signal were created, with pixel shifting used to create left eye/right eye signals. The video was then upconverted to 1080p for 3D monitoring.

The 3D NEP Productions coverage of two ball games played by the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners occurred on July 10 and 11.