NDS Launches Multiple TV iTV

NDS is touting an iTV system that allows advertisers to use its NDS Value@TV Production Suite to provide interactive advertising across all TV platforms. The interactive ads will work across channels and digital platforms regardless of the middleware.

The system is deployed in Israel on MATAV, Tevel, Golden Channels and YES TV, a cable and satellite platform that uses OpenTV and NDS Core middleware. EMTV, an Israel-based interactive direct marketing system provider is using Value@TV to manage interactive ad campaigns.

The system, consisting of a web-based interface and infrastructure, allows advertisers to produce, preview and publish an interactive advertisement and publish it on all four TV platforms in Israel simultaneously. "Call to action" icons invite viewers to press a button on their remote controls in order to receive information and brochures and take part in promotional activities. Future enhancements include give-aways, a loyalty system, quizzes and games.