nCUBE and Everstream Team to Provide Ad-Supported VOD

nCUBE Corp. and Everstream have entered a marketing and technology distribution alliance based on the integration of nCUBE's nABLE On-Demand Management System with Everstream's advertising software to allow cable operators to offer targeted and interactive advertising through VOD.

nCUBE believes VOD presents an advertising vehicle for promotions and other advertising to be matched with on-demand content that targets the interests of the particular viewer. By combining the two companies' technologies, nCUBE and Everstream hope to advance the advertising-supported VOD model as a means for generating revenue for the content owner and operator and enhancing the cable TV subscriber's experience.

nCUBE's on-demand systems allow cable operators to offer subscribers on-demand services from VOD to network personal video recording. nABLE is a management system for deploying VOD, and includes the nABLE Advertising application, a one-to-one on-demand advertising system, which will be introduced later this year.

Everstream's S4 systems manage and deliver cross-platform advertising for VOD and interactive programming. Advertisements can be targeted and delivered to fit consumers' needs and interests through broadband and emerging iTV applications in addition to VOD.