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NBC Uses Teletrax to Track News Footage

In an effort to understand how its clients use video, NBC News Channel will use technology from Teletrax to watermark its news video to track content use by TV stations in the U.S. and Europe.

With Teletrax's video tracking system, video content owners can monitor broadcast usage of their material electronically for proof of performance, copyright protection and to respond to market demand.

To use Teletrax, owners of video content encode an invisible digital watermark into their material whenever it is edited, broadcast or duplicated. A network of decoders captures all incidents of the embedded video being broadcast via satellite, cable or terrestrially and generates tracking reports for the original content owners as well as giving proof of performance reports and alerts of copyright violation.

"Advertisers and program makers alike will benefit from comprehensive data that proves exactly when and where their advertising and sponsorship content is aired," says Andy Nobbs, Teletrax's managing director.

Reuters TV is already using Teletrax to follow news video in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The video tracking system is also being tested by the European Broadcasting Union.