NBC Universal’s Media Works expands roles for four executives

NBC Universal's Media Works this week announced it has expanded the roles for four key executives.

Stacy Brady has been named general manager, News Field and Production Operations; Ian Trombley has been named general manager, East Coast Television and On-Air Operations; Jeff Mayzurk has been named general manager, West Coast Technical Operations; and Marc Siry, has been named senior VP, Media Products and Advanced Technology.

As general manager, News Field and Production Operations, Brady now adds 30 Rock news production to her bureau, field, and satellite operations responsibilities. Brady already oversees an international team of engineers who provide day-to-day technical support and live-remote origination for NBC News worldwide.

Trombley’s added responsibility for East Coast TV Operations include the operation of 30 Rock studios and control rooms, the engineering for technical facilities, NBC Universal’s enterprise-wide on-air graphics organization known as ArtWorks, and facility operations in 30 Rock and Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

Mayzurk will take leadership responsibility for Media Works’ West Coast Technical Operations. He will manage NBC Universal TV operations in Burbank, CA, and over the next few years will lead the efforts to design, plan and build a new broadcast facility for several of the business’ Burbank-based television partners.

Siry will work with operations and development teams across Media Works and provide support for coordinating product strategy, development, design and technical architecture for critical systems.