NBC News to deploy new digital satellite technology

The new compact, highly portable travel system uses a TANDBERG E5740 DSNG encoder, a miniaturized antenna technology from Raytheon and the V100 versatile multiplexer from Vocality International.

NBC News is set to start using digital satellite technology developed by TANDBERG Television in cooperation with the Raytheon Company. The new system, developed with NBC's assistance, is a fully integrated 2 U digital flyaway, designed for two-way audio, video, data and communications from a remote transmission site to NBC Studios via its MSNBC Secaucus teleport. NBC News is deploying several of the units to support its network and cable television coverage from the Middle East.

Employing a TANDBERG Television E5740 DSNG encoder, miniaturized antenna technology from Raytheon, and V100 versatile multiplexer from Vocality International, the mobile transmission system is compact and provides real-time broadcast of remote news coverage with easy integration to uplink terminals for a simplified dish alignment.

Previously, NBC would have used a 2U SNG encoder with a separate monitor, separate telephone connection, and separate uplink. The new system integrates all of the major field newsgathering requirements into a single unit.

For Raytheon, this expands the use of its MVSAT (Mobile Very Small Aperture Terminal) product. The digital flyaway system features a patented, miniaturized antenna technology. Raytheon's MVSAT is the first broadband communications unit that can be deployed quickly and easily anywhere in the world. Using a fold-up 1.2-meter antenna and a telecom center the size of a small suitcase, Raytheon's MVSAT can handle voice, video and data simultaneously at speeds up to 3.8 Mbps. The 1.2-meter antenna assembles in less than 30 minutes and can transfer extremely high data rates. The system is transportable and can be easily carried by one person.

With current improvements in MPEG-2 compression, satellite operators offering narrow band scheduling and the increased desire for low-power/small dish size uplinks, the demand has grown for satellite modulation and demodulation at lower symbol rates than those supported by DVB-S. As part of its statistical multiplexing technology, TANDBERG Television offers low data rate video encoding that compresses multiple program streams within a limited satellite transponder segment. With recent improvements to both the modulator and demodulator, TANDBERG Television now offers low data rate compression for single program streams in narrow bandwidth satellite slots.

The E5740 DSNG encoder combines low bit-rate encoding performance with flexible satellite modulation in a fully expandable and upgradeable package. It supports symbol rate modulation and demodulation below 1Msymbol/s.

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