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NBC Manages Olympic Coverage with ScheduALL

NBC is using ScheduALL software to manage its production workflow during the network's coverage of the Winter Olympic Games in Torino.

ScheduALL's ScheduLINK software tracks and manages feeds coming into the broadcast center from various Olympic events in Torino. It also allows each department at NBC to work independently, while still being aware of each other's schedules and transmission activity.

"The entire scheduling process is being maintained through ScheduLINK," said Craig Lau, vice president of information technology for the NBC Olympics. "It allows us to generate detailed daily reports on everything from the type of router a feed comes in on to what will be done with a specific clip. Plus, we have the option of viewing this information through an advanced Web API, which saves us a great deal of time."

Hollywood, Fla.-based ScheduALL provided its software to NBC during the 2004 Athens Summer Games and the company said it looks forward to continuing the relationship through the 2008 Beijing Summer Games.