NAU Assembly Hall Gets Upgrade

ERLANGER, KY. – Northern Arizona University recently upgraded the multi-purpose Cline Library Assembly Hall by embracing digital audio, video and control technology. NAU utilized the services of Intent Digital, a Phoenix-based AV firm, to develop and install the system upgrade.

The facility is used for lectures, multimedia presentations, meetings and movie showings, all of which would benefit from the ability to utilize new digital video formats and enhance existing surround sound capabilities. Students, professors, instructors and the general public operate its AV system, so the university wanted a simple control system that is easily configurable to accommodate multiple users and changing needs.

Intent Digital created an AV system using a combination of digital audio and video equipment managed by the company’s Energize configurable control system. The video system allows multiple video signal formats from computers, DVD and Blu-Ray players, video recorders and document cameras. Campus cable TV and video conferencing connectivity is also integrated. The sources are displayed on an Eiki theatrical video projector through a TV One C2-8130 seamless switcher, and Magenta Research Infinea HD transceivers also transmit HDMI video from three TV One 1T-VS-658 video scalers to the switcher.

Energize touch panels at the podium and in the control booth feature graphical buttons to offer an intuitive system control. The 15-inch control booth touch panel allows overall system control, while a 10-inch podium touch panel enables presenters to select sources, adjust audio levels and control AV equipment. Configuration tools permit users to easily modify system controls to fit changing requirements.

“For NAU, we evaluated digital transport systems from several manufacturers and found that interfacing TV One 1T-VS-658 scalers to the TV One C2-8130 seamless switcher was a straightforward, robust and extremely cost effective solution,” Bob Ginger, Intent Digital technology partner, said. “The C2-8130 switcher platform is a very flexible tool in the designer's toolbox. With the numerous multi-format sources, including SDI, combined with windowing capabilities, it gives us incredible flexibility in designing sophisticated presentation systems such as the NAU Assembly Hall.”

The university has also begun to use TV One’s C2-8130’s picture-in-picture functionality, which enables multiple images to be simultaneously displayed on the screen, enabling presenters to reference material from various sources.