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National EAS Test Filing Deadline Coming on Sept. 23

WASHINGTON—With the most recent nation-wide EAS Test having taken place on Aug. 7, the FCC’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau has issued a reminder to all of the test’s participants that there is still work to be done. All participants are required to file Form Three in the EAS Test Reporting System on or before Sept. 23.

Form Three requests information on post-test data regarding the nationwide test, including things like the source from which a facility first received the test message and any complications that might have been experienced in the receipt or retransmission of the test.

The provided information will be used to inform the FCC on the technical and operational performance of test that could indicate improvements needed to make EAS a reliable alerting tool.

Information on how to appropriately provide information via the ETRS form is available on the FCC website. Filers can also contact FCC staff at