Nashville's CBS affiliate takes delivery of Harrison TVD-SL console

WTVF NewsChannel 5, in Nashville, Tenn., has taken delivery of its new Harrison TVD-SL digital broadcast console. The console will be set up in its new control room for operator training while the remaining elements of WTVF's major renovation of the control center completes the final stages.

Nashville, Tenn. station, WTVF News Channel 5, has installed a Harrison TVD-SL console in its new control room.

The TVD-SL features a customer specified panel configuration tailored for WTVF's operations. Included are high-resolution video display monitors mounted directly in the meter bridge, a Harrison exclusive.

This feature allows the audio operator to have his own video monitors, eliminating the expense and restrictions associated with a separate monitor wall. The audio operator has an unobstructed front view of everything taking place in the switcher production area.

WTVF's extended frame and digital core allows for future expansion of up to 60 faders controlling 256 fully functional digital channels.

The system installation and integration performed by Beck Associates will allow operators to "shadow" newscasts and other events to assure a smooth and confident transition. Harrison¹s product specialists will provide operator training.

WTVF's new audio control room features a 5.1 monitor system and custom cabinetry built to the same surface height as the Harrison console. This arrangement forms a wrap-around work area, with room for special equipment and storage. Acoustically, the room volume delivers 5.1 imaging and low frequency response.

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