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Nagra and This Technology team for multiscreen ads

Nagra, a provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, and This Technology, a maker of software solutions for dynamic ad insertion, have combined resources to allow cable operators to leverage multiscreen advertising opportunities using interfaces defined in the SCTE-130 advanced advertising standard. A demonstration at The Cable Show 2011 spotlighted Nagra’s OpenTV advertising technology integrated with This Technology’s dynamic advertising software.

The demo leveraged Nagra’s OpenTV Participate product, integrated with This Technology’s SpotBuilder and SpotLink service. It showed how a nonlinear video stream containing a 30-second spot can provide a synchronized advertising experience on a second screen device, if the rules established by the content owner for the ad inventory permit. The device contained a “leave behind” ad experience that survived until the next ad is played. Not only does the viewer benefit from richer and deeper relevant advertising, but the programmer and operator are enabled to share in the revenue opportunity.

This Technology’s SpotBuilder provides rules and a view of the extensible inventory in the stream, with the ability to dynamically control whether interactive ads appear on one or both screens. Additionally, This Technology unveiled the OpenTV Participate plug-in for Spotlink, This Technology’s open bridge for SCTE-130 and programmer broadband ad servers. The OpenTV Participate plug-in for SpotLink delivers both decisions for video ads and the corresponding secondary interactive ad if the placement opportunity allows. All opportunities and decisions are provided by SCTE-130 interfaces.

More than 120 pay TV operators, securing content delivered to over 144 million active smart cards and devices, use Nagra’s services and content protection technologies. Its advanced user experience solutions are integrated in over 160 million devices, enabling video-on-demand, personal video recording, and enhanced television applications.

With support for VOD, network DVR, IPTV and mobile devices, This Technology empowers the advertising industry to efficiently manage dynamic ad insertion across all new video applications where management of shared inventory is a core business requirement.