NAB2007 to offer insight into HD news production trends

News directors, engineers and news technologists can learn about the latest trends in the transition to HD news production April 15 during the Broadcast Engineering Conference at NAB2007.

The track will offer reports on key technology trends impacting news production, including:

  • "A status report: Department of Defense uplinks," presented by Dane Ericksen, senior engineer, Hammett & Edison, San Francisco;
  • "2GHz Relocation Project," presented by Michael Degitz, VP, spectrum management, Sprint Nextel, Reston, VA;
  • "Improving Digital News Backhaul Efficiency with AVC/H.264 Compression," presented by Bob Titus, product manager, Modulus Video, Sunnyvale, CA;
  • "Affordable Wireless Broadband for HDTV Production," presented by Robert Ehlers, CEO, HauteSpot Networks, San Luis Obispo, CA;
  • "Technologies that Improve Digital Content for Broadcast and Film," presented by Jeff Brown, general manager, NVIDIA, Santa Clara, CA;
  • "Format Transparent News Operations," presented by Fred Schultz, senior marketing manager, Harris, Burbank, CA;
  • "High-performance HD News Production and Broadcasting Linking Plural Servers," presented by Katsumasa Hirose, NHK, Tokyo;
  • "News Editing and Transfer Systems in a Distant Region," presented by Seong-gyu Jeon, technical researcher, Korean Broadcasting System, Seoul.

Dave Converse, VP and director of engineering of ABC/Disney Television Stations Group in Burbank, CA, will lead the Transition to HD News Production track of the Broadcast Engineering Conference. It will take place from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the Las Vegas Convention Center Rooms S219/S220.

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