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NAB2004 to offer new conference program covering technology for worship

For years the National Association of Broadcasters has sought to be on the forefront of changing technologies when it comes to serving the needs of those who use video, audio and graphics to communicate professionally.

This year is no exception. The association, in collaboration with Technologies for Worship magazine, will put on a Worship Technology Conference, covering areas as diverse as systems integration, TV and video production, audio production, Webcasting, and more.

Among the conference highlights are:

  • Survivor’s Guide to NAB, April 19. This session will lay the foundation for a meaningful journey through the convention exhibition hall
  • Church Lighting for Television and Video Projection
  • , April 19. Learn how to meld the demands of television and video projection with traditional church architectural lighting. Basics such as color temperature, depth of field and camera angles will be discussed.
  • Brainstorming – Breakthrough Thinking for Explosive Ideas, April 19. The focus of this session is on nurturing new ideas about programming, management and production.
  • The Art of Pitching – Making Your Dream Their Dream
  • , April 19. Examine successful ways of pitching a producer, network, station or studio on your dream project.
  • Microphones and Church Applications, April 20. Tired of the wireless church mic picking up the local taxi company? Then this session’s just what the congregation ordered. Topics include equipment selection, wireless in-ear monitors, antenna use and troubleshooting
  • Mixing Audio for Television, April 20.
  • Revitalizing Your Media Ministry, April 20. The combination of proven techniques and new technology can breathe fresh life into a media ministry. Learn how.
  • Introducing Change Without Offending Almost Anyone, April 20.
  • Audio Worthy of Video: Getting the Right Sound for Your Pictures
  • , April 21. Develop an understanding of audio techniques so sound clear audio complements video.
  • Acoustics for Worship and Broadcast
  • , April 21. This session focus on how church acoustics impact audio for broadcast.
  • Presentation Systems for Worship April 21. Learn everything about video projectors from aspect ratio to video switching equipment.
  • What Every Church Does Wrong, April 21. Find out how to sidestep pitfalls that plague church building committees.

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