NAB to Educate Couch Potatoes at Fitness Expo

NAB is an innovative group, so it's taking the DTV message to places you might not have thought of—like to an expo on health and fitness.

The trade group is bringing its DTV road show—including a 20-foot TV dubbed the "DTV Trekker"—to the NBC 4 Health and Fitness Expo at the Washington Convention Center, Jan. 12–13.

In an announcement, NAB doesn't claim to be in this for people's health. But it wants to make sure as many Washington residents learn about the DTV transition as possible. NAB says 20 percent of DC residents risk losing their TV, presumably referring to the number of residents relying exclusively on over-the-air TV.

The convention center is just blocks from NAB headquarters. But between now and February 2009, the show will travel 95,000 miles, visiting 600 locations in 200 markets nationwide.

The DTV Trekker is the centerpiece of the road show, and features scrolling messages about the DTV transition. The road show also includes kiosks that provide demonstrations of the difference between analog and digital signals, educational literature, and fun games consumers can play to win prizes. Two DTV team members will travel with the road show to answer questions consumers may have about the transition to digital television.

"Consumers need to learn about the steps they can take to upgrade to digital before it's too late," said Jonathan Collegio, vice president of the DTV transition unit at the NAB. "As broadcasters, our goal is to ensure that no American loses television reception in February 2009 due to a lack of information about the transition to digital. The DTV road show provides a fun and engaging event for families to get the information they need to prepare for the switch to digital television."