NAB Announces 2020 Service to America Award Finalists

(Image credit: NABLF)

WASHINGTON—The finalists for the 2020 Service to America Awards have been announced by the NAB Leadership Foundation, which recognize outstanding community service by local broadcasters.

Here is the full list of TV finalists by category:

Service to Community Award for Television—Ownership Group

Service to Community Award for Television—Large Market

Service to Community Award for Television—Medium Market

Service to Community Award for Television—Small Market

The full list of nominees, which includes radio broadcasters, is available here.

One winner from each category will be announced during the Celebration of Service to America Awards, which will be pre-recorded and then made accessible online as well as for broadcast radio and TV stations to air on a specific date in late August. The original celebration was scheduled to take place June 9, but had to be canceled because of COVID-19.

“America’s radio and television stations’ dedication to public service shines brightly in local communities every day, and continually ensures the safety and well-being of viewers and listeners,” said NAB Leadership Foundation President Michelle Duke. “We look forward to celebrating broadcasters who have gone above and beyond to serve communities and families in need, and we are thrilled to honor broadcasters’ service with audiences across the country.”