NAB Announces 11th Edition of Engineering Handbook

WASHINGTON – The National Association of Broadcasters has announced that it is currently developing a new edition of the “NAB Engineering Handbook.” This will be the 11th edition of the reference book, which was first published in 1935, and is expected to be released in April 2017. NAB is currently seeking contributing authors to compile the 120 chapters of the handbook.

This new edition will cover new emerging technology topics and provide comprehensive revision of subjects covered in prior editions. The new handbook will also take on a more international scope. Some of the topics in the handbook include Internet-based radio and television streaming, fiber-optic transmission systems, broadcast signal measurement and analysis, and more. 

Garrison Cavell, president of Cavell Mertz & Associates, is serving as editor-in-chief. Associate editors include David Layer, senior director, advanced engineering at NAB; Thomas Osenkowsky, engineering consultant; and Skip Pizzi, senior director of new media technologies at NAB.

“My goal is for us to craft this latest edition not as a heavy scholarly work filled with equations and esoterica that will sit on shelves unopened,” said Cavell, “but as an approachable, easily understood reference that will be used often.”

Selected authors are expected to deliver one or more chapters, either independently or with a coauthor. Authors should be skilled in the subjects they are covering. Those interested should contact Garrison Cavell before Sept. 1. More information can be found here