N2 Broadband and ICTV come together for VOD menuing

N2 Broadband, a provider of scalable, open-standard solutions for on-demand services, and ICTV, creator of HeadendWare, a centralized platform for the delivery of interactive television services, have announced an agreement for the creation of a new Web service interface for N2 Broadband's OpenStream video-on-demand (VOD) system.

The interface, which combines HeadendWare's support of standard Web technologies with N2 Broadband's open platform, allows cable system operators to more quickly bring to market new VOD-related software applications.

For example, operators and programmers delivering VOD via OpenStream's 'plug-and-play' environment can develop and deploy headend-based menuing and merchandising that overcome the constraints of the digital set-top box. Using HeadendWare support for audio and full-motion video and its immediate access to Web-based application logic, VOD providers can engage in multimedia promotional elements, as well as offer detailed information about on-demand titles, content reviews, and preference engines.

N2 Broadband will offer the interface as an enhancement to the currently deployed CORBA-based interface for OpenStream.

"Developers who are using interface standards like Web services can now quickly and easily start putting their ideas and skills to work in the cable environment," said Reggie Bradford, president and CEO of N2 Broadband. "This joint agreement with ICTV enables cable operators to inexpensively develop compelling multimedia user experiences that enhance their return from existing services, or that generate new revenue on their own."

With commercial deployments in more than 40 major markets, N2 Broadband's OpenStream platform uses published interfaces that tie together all the components that make up a complete on-demand system. OpenStream supports digital networks from both Motorola and Scientific-Atlanta.

ICTV's HeadendWare software platform enables interactive, revenue-generating programming to be accessed by any digital set-top. Operating in real-time on a two-way cable network, HeadendWare enables such services as VOD merchandising, interactive multimedia games, and managed content services.

For more information, visit www.N2Broadband.com.

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