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MTV Networks Selects Front Porch for Content Sharing

MTV Networks, a unit of Viacom, has implemented Front Porch Digital DIVArchive and DIVAnet solutions for a broadcast content archive management system between its network operations center in Long Island, N.Y., and its backup facility in Nashville, Tenn.

Based on a combination of integrated software and hardware components, Front Porch Digital DIVArchive is a content storage management solution that preserves, manages, and accesses content.

At MTV Networks, DIVAnet links, via WAN, independent DIVArchive systems located in New York and Tennessee. For a given clip, DIVAnet transfers not only the standard MPEG wrapper and essence file, but also associated metadata to facilitate later identification and placement. It also handles long-distance file transfers without the need for human intervention. For example, DIVAnet can identify a network problem that might interfere with content transfers and direct the content to a buffer until the problem has been resolved.

“Due to the magnitude and the constant need to repurpose content, our archive solution must efficiently manage assets in multiple locations while also providing us with flexible content management policies to meet changing programming requirements,” said Mike Bivona, MTV Networks vice president of engineering for content creation and distribution technologies. “We are confident that Front Porch DIVArchive working with DIVAnet will do just that.”

MTV Networks implemented Front Porch Digital’s content storage management system in May.