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MTV Expands HD Content to Spain, Portugal

MTV's overseas interest (MTV Networks International) is currently widening its reach into Spain and Portugal by offering music and children's programming in HD.

The new channel went up this week (Dec. 1) simultaneously in both European countries, featuring about 300 hours of what it said was both original and acquired HD content — including a kids program block on weekends that will originate from Nickelodeon, an MTV Networks' property.

MTV said its emergence into HD programming "is a natural step for our growth as one of the first multimedia worldwide companies. This initiative strengthens our global portfolio of all of our brands…with a [HD] format we hope they will embrace."

MTV's new HD venue is based in Poland and already available in other countries and regions, including the Argentina, Belgium, Caribbean islands, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Russia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Uruguay and Venezuela.