MSTV's Annual DTV Update Scheduled for Oct. 23

The Association for Maximum Service Television (MSTV) will host its 17th Annual Fall Conference at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Washington D.C. on Oct. 23. This year's theme is "Digital Covalence."

Covalence is defined as a bond formed by the sharing of electrons, much like the sharing of responsibilities in the transition to DTV, according to MSTV president David Donovan.

"In terms of digital issues, we all share a common bond and that is to keep the transition moving forward," Donovan said.

The conference will include a full day's slate of panel discussions among policy makers and business and technology experts, including "Digital Business Strategies," "The Beltway Game" and "Government's Role in Digital Transition."

Panelists and moderators will include Rick Chessen, chairman of the FCC's Digital TV Task Force, Jack Goodman, Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Legal and Regulatory Affairs for NAB and Bruce Franca, Deputy Chief of FCC Office of Engineering Technology.

The luncheon keynote will be delivered by Sen. Conrad Burns, (R-Mont.) Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Communications, and member of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

For more information on the conference, including registration fees and session times, visit MSTV's Web site: