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MSNBC installs Calrec consoles at New Jersey Broadcast Center

Calrec Alpha digital consoles

MSNBC has purchased two 64-fader Calrec Alpha digital consoles for its main broadcast center in Secaucus, NJ.

MSNBC uses the two Alphas to handle overlapping production schedules, moving the primary mixing duties back and forth between each control room. For example, when one show is live-to-air, the other room is used for preproduction and pretaping. In larger productions, one room can be used as a subcontrol room for the other. The consoles also act as backup for each other.

Calrec Alpha consoles feature up to 96 faders with A and B levels of control and four dedicated main output faders. All channels have four-band EQ, two-band filters, and a compressor/limiter and expander/gate. All Calrec digital consoles are assignable, enabling direct access to the majority of the functions and minimizing screen usage.

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