MRMC Adds New Camera Tracking Systems

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a United Kingdom manufacturer of robotic systems has announced an expansion of its software-based Polycam tracking system product line which allows multiple triangulated cameras to track a single point in space.

The new products—Polycam Velocity, Polycam Auto and Polycam Solo—have been extensively tested in coverage of a number of sporting events. They all provide fluid and precisely repeatable camera movement.

"Although the principal of triangulated robotics is well understood," said Assaff Rawner, MRMC’s managing director. "Producing systems that are easily configured, deliver consistent results, fit technically and economically in a live broadcast environment and offer real creative possibilities, are vital to realizing the technology’s potential."

Polycam Velocity simplifies control of multiple cameras. Polycam Auto is intended to interfact with third-party image analysis and tracking systems, and Polycam Solo allows a single operator to control multiple perspectives and camera motion from a single control device.

MRMC has produced equipment for commercial television and motion picture applications for the past 45 years.

"By refining our Polycam features we are aiming to offer a clear path to potential production benefits," said Rawner. "Whether the driver is cost savings, unique camera perspectives, enhanced visual analysis or multi-camera Web content creation, the new Polycam configurations are designed to add value on many levels."