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MPAA Contends HD Owners Prefer Cinemas More Than Non-owners

Seemingly cutting across conventional wisdom, which suggests that owners of large-screen HD sets with surround sound in their homes may attend fewer movies at the local cinema, a new study says the opposite appears to be the case. The Motion Picture Association of America reports tech-sophisticated consumers prefer their television in HD on a large-screen, but they also like their motion pictures in full-blown 35mm on an even bigger screen at the theater.

While the MPAA offered no reasons for the study's conclusions, one answer may lie in the typical preferences of "early adopters" (if such a label can still apply to the swelling ranks of HD owners), according to TV Predictions.

The MPAA, which represents Hollywood in Washington and whose job includes keeping movies a popular commodity for consumers, said its study finds owners of HD sets--as well as other fairly new digital products such as DVRs--paid an average of 10.5 theater visits in 2006. Those who were considered not as media-savvy in their purchases, on average, made only 7.1 visits last year.