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Motorola Invests in Amimon for Wireless HD

Motorola has made an investment in Amimon, a firm that has specialized in wireless HD transmission. Some tech Web sites are reporting that Motorola's action signals a response to stiffer competition in the wireless entertainment industry and that its investment initiative is based on the hope that Motorola will grow its wireless HD product line.

A Motorola spokesman said Amimon's wireless technologies are "well positioned to offer high-quality wireless uncompressed HDTV links" between video sources such as a digital set-top box and an HD set. Amimon's technology uses the 5 GHz unlicensed band to transit video data through a technology labeled WHDI (wireless high-definition interface), according to BetaNews.

Amimon, which has been involved in wireless HD for several years, said its WHDI Development Kit will enable the development of wireless DTV sets and wireless projectors using the proprietary technology to provide universal uncompressed HD links.