Motorola Approves Wink/TV Guide Interactive Service for Set-top Boxes

Motorola Inc.'s ACADIA Application Integration Center recently validated the combination of a Wink Communications/TV Guide Interactive system for deployment on the Motorola DCT2000 set-top.

ACADIA validation is used as a benchmark for broadband network operators for choosing software, content and applications to deliver to subscribers through the Motorola platform.

A Wink official said that the combined system will be useful for cable operators who want to deploy high-performance digital set-tops. The solution has been launched at cable operator Charter Communications' beta site and will be launched in 13 other systems.

A Charter official noted that the new system should extend the convenience of television interactivity to more customers. Charter will deploy over 1.5 million Motorola set-tops, and the company hopes that giving customers access to the Wink/TV Guide Interactive system will have a positive impact on how they see iTV.