Motorola Addresses Set-Top Electrical Problem

Motorola Inc's Broadband Communications Sector has identified a potential safety risk in its DCT2000 interactive digital set-top boxes and moved to rectify the problem by filing a report with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and notifying cable provider customers including Comcast and AT&T Broadband.

DCT2000 set-top boxes that were manufactured between late February and May run the risk of delivering an electric shock to people handling the devices. So far no incidents have occurred, but Motorola suggests that consumers using the device should not remove the power cord from the rear of the box, and that power cords should be unplugged from the wall outlet or electricity source before making any alterations to the cable connections. The set-tops work normally otherwise.

The company received information from power supply manufacturers that some of the power supplies used in certain DCT2000s might contain a defective component. Upon investigation, Motorola found that the defect posed a potential shock hazard. To address the issue, Motorola has stopped shipments of potentially affected units and is screening all DCT2000s in transit to operators. It is also identifying shipments of the affected boxes to cable operators and plans to replace them.

AT&T identified the set-tops as part of home installments between April 1 and June 7. it has warehoused the remaining boxes and is contacting customers that received them. Comcast is busy contacting 4,000-6,000 of its digital cable customers who may be affected.