Motorcyclists, Best Buy Help Disabled Vets Get HD

As the nation paid tribute to veterans of all wars on Memorial Day, a group of weekend motorcyclists and Best Buy paid their own respects by working to get new HD sets into the cabins of a rest camp for disabled vets located on the St. Croix River east of the Twin Cities.

Greg Schmitt, a biker and organizer of the project, helped raise $5,000 and worked with Best Buy to purchase 19 HD units for the veterans, according to a report on KARE-TV, the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

They didn’t mention specifically what type of sets were donated to the rest camp, but judging from the boxes being hauled into the cabins by the male and female bikers on Memorial Day, they appeared to be 32-inch Samsung LCDs. (And we’ll do the math for you: That comes to less than $264 per HD set, so apparently Best Buy gave the group quite a deal, along with the private donations from others.)

KARE-TV said it was the latest gift from Tribute to the Troops, a group Schmitt had organized about five years ago to help veterans and their families. The Disabled Veterans Rest Camp, where military families can stay in resort-like cabins, is located at Marine-on-St. Croix on the Minnesota-Wisconsin border.

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