Montana's KTVH streamlines broadcast operations with NVerzion automation technology

Montana's Beartooth NBC has deployed NVerzion automation technology to streamline broadcast operations for three of its stations: KTVH (NBC) and KMTF (CW) in Helena; and KBGF (NBC) in Great Falls. The system from NVerzion provides transmission of on-air signals and simplifies the workload of master control operations, which are centralized at KTVH. Beartooth NBC is a subsidiary of Intermountain West Communications Company of Las Vegas.

An NBC affiliate station, KTVH receives its content from multiple sources including the NBC network, Pathfire, PitchBlue, various videotaped programs, live programming and satellite. The received program content is then routed to an Omneon Spectrum server utilizing NVerzion, NGest and NTime for ingesting content; NCompass for managing the processing and playout of file-based content; and NControl for interfacing with master control and/or routing switchers for seamless on-air scheduling. Each Beartooth NBC station also has the ability to air separate commercial content targeted toward its unique market.