MobiTV, UIEvolution join to stream video to cars

MobiTV and UIE Evolution have collaborated to deliver an end-to-end solution for streaming video in cars that will let carmakers add connectivity to stand-alone audio, video and navigation systems. UIE Blender — a managed service for content aggregation, management and on-boarding — further facilitates carmakers' ability to update, add and extend applications and services.

MobiTV’s contribution is the in-vehicle streaming solution’s encoding and delivery platform, using its RTP/RTSP and 3GPP-compliant Optimized Delivery Server (ODS). Joining unicast and multicast distribution in a single delivery platform improves video quality and decreases backhaul. The ODS improves the user experience with bandwidth smoothing, seamless network handover and bandwidth adaptation embracing stream switching and thinning as well as rate shaping.

The new solution also allows fully integrated, targeted advertising delivery, which can bring down the price of monthly subscriptions for connected services. The solution will be demonstrated at the Telematics Detroit 2008 show.

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