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Mobile TV Groups Runs with the PESA Cheetah

Mobile Television Group is equipping its newest mobile truck, "10HDX" with PESA's 64 x 64 Cheetah HD router and a 128 x 128 Cheetah analog router.

MTG plans to use the 53-foot "10HDX"--which features 14 cameras, several decks and replay/edit systems--for HD coverage of sporting events in southern California. Other mobile units, "5HDX" and "6HDX" have also been upgraded with Cheetah systems and with its recent addition MTG now has six HD units on the road.

The Cheetah is PESA's flagship digital routing switcher that handles SDI, HDTV and non-standard digital signals in the same frame and can handle bit rates from 3 Mbps up to 1.5 Gbps.