Mobile DTV Pavilion offers insight into near-term Mobile DTV direction

The Mobile DTV Pavilion at the 2012 NAB Show, which closes today, has given broadcasters the chance to see the latest developments in mobility services, including the progress of both the Mobile Content Venture and the Mobile500 Alliance.

“With more than 120 stations now on the air with Mobile DTV signals and two new business groups ramping up for launch, now is the time to see the new products and services that will make Mobile DTV an indispensable service,” said Vince Sadusky, president of the OMVC and CEO of LIN Media.

Both the Mobile Content Venture and the Mobile500 Alliance are exhibiting new products in the Mobile DTV Pavilion.

“A new range of Mobile-DTV receivers will be bringing mobile viewing innovations to viewers across the country, making local news, weather, sports, entertainment and emergency alerts immediately available to people no matter where they are located,” said Sadusky.

The Mobile Content Venture, a joint venture of 12 major broadcast groups, is showing and demonstrating Dyle Mobile TV, its new service launching this year, on a range of devices in the Mobile DTV Pavilion. With compatible devices launching in 2012 across 32 U.S. markets reaching 50 percent of the population, Dyle will enable consumers to watch live broadcast programming and will add additional network programming and hardware in the future.

The Mobile500 Alliance, consisting of 50 member companies that hold the licenses of 437 TV stations, is demonstrating its next-generation end-to-end solution for monetizing Mobile DTV that incorporates live TV and recording of live TV, VOD, social media integration, closed captioning and interactive advertising. The group said it plans to launch audience measurement and conditional access in coming months.

LG Electronics, in cooperation with PBS and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, is demonstrating the Mobile Emergency Alert System (M-EAS). LG is the supplier of Mobile-DTV receiving chips for many products, and M-EAS is a developing broadcast system for delivering multimedia alerts that use video, audio, text and graphics to mobile DTV-equipped cellphones, tablets, laptops, netbooks and in-car navigation systems.

Using Mobile DTV instead of cellphone transmission avoids the potential roadblocks of chronic congestion of cellular networks during emergencies. Mobile-DTV solution provider Siano, which delivers comprehensive mobile broadcast DTV solutions and receiver chips, is exhibiting its digital-TV solutions for cellular-handheld and other CE devices. Siano is showing devices powered by its advanced IC receivers and middleware.

Crest Technology is offering Mobile DTV-compliant hardware and software solutions that can be adapted for portable receivers such as tablet computers, car navigation equipment and USB adapters. DTVinteractive is showing head-end solutions for broadcasters, including a multiplexer module, a demodulator module for signal repeaters and a server-client monitoring system.