MLB Network Saves Season With Oracle Storage Systems

REDWOOD SHORES, CALIF.—In a 162 game season, there is a lot of footage that needs to be stored. To do so, MLB Network has turned to Oracle and its DIVArchive and StorageTek SL8500 modular library system to collect and store content from its TV programming, game telecasts and replays.

StorageTek SL8500

The Oracle DIVArchive system is part of the MLB Network’s digital asset management system, dubbed the DIAMOND system, which includes a custom set of metadata tools to search, retrieve and create collections and lists of elements from its video footage. The DIVArchive helps the system select the footage to do a partial file restore from any game. MLB Network can also utilize DIVArchive tools like the DIVAProtect, as well as support the Archive Exchange Format.

MLB Network’s archive resides on Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500, with 3,000 slots that takes in about 50 TB of content and swaps out 400-500 cartridges daily.