Mixing 'Analog Devices' With 'Advanced TV' Results

Norwood, Mass.-based Analog Devices Inc. said it now provides system processing and input in both the HD and broader "advanced TV" realms that include plasma, LCD, HD-DVD players, DVR, audio/video receivers.

ADI thinks a full understanding of the analog world is a major plus when it comes to designing infrastructure for HD and emerging formats. "Advanced TV is about much more than a great-looking flat-panel display. Compelling HD images and multichannel audio require a full understanding of the analog video and audio signal chains," according to John Hussey, vice president of ADI's High Speed Signal Processing unit.

ADI's product line currently includes the video, audio, and display inputs/outputs found in HD-enabled systems -- including video decoders/encoders and filters, digital I/O and display electronics, and audio amplifiers and processors. In each area, ADI said its goal is to address design challenges that can often compromise HD video/audio at the user end, where many consumers have become extremely sophisticated and knowledgeable about their CE options.