Miranda 3D Processor Tagged for World Cup Coverage

Miranda has announced that its Densité 3DX-3901 Stereoscopic 3D video processor has been selected for use in coverage of the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa TM soccer tournament, which will be transmitted in 3D. “The FIFA World Cup has become a catalyst for many broadcasters to make their first move to 3DTV,” said John Kim, Miranda’s infrastructure product manager.

He added that Miranda’s Densité 3DX-3901 video processor would be useful for conversion of signals at the tournament site from dual link to the Sensio side-by-side format.

The new processor joins Miranda’s growing line of 3D television products, which include routers, multiviewers, interface devices and channel branding processors. The company is readying the 3DX-3901 for delivery in time for the South African tournament.