Mexican election authority acquires Volicon Observer systems

The electoral institute will use 219 Volicon Observers to monitor more than 2300 TV and radio stations to ensure political ads comply with Mexican election laws.
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Mexico’s Federal Electoral Institute (Instituto Federal Electoral or IFE) has purchased the Volicon Observer digital video content monitoring and logging system for use in IFE offices throughout the country.

The installation enables IFE to monitor compliance with federal regulations concerning political advertising. At IFE, the Observer-based installation acts as a media monitoring tool to ensure political candidates comply with recent Mexican election laws.

The 219 Volicon Observer systems will be monitoring a total of 2376 TV and radio stations. The systems are equipped with Volicon's Content Matching Module, which detects a segment's unique audio stamp to enable operators to flag and access a specific advertisement when it appears in a broadcast.

Whenever the commercial appears, the Observer automatically issues a "content matched" alert with a link that gives the operator immediate access to the video clip in which the segment occurred.