Mekaniken boosts workflow with Quantel

Mekaniken, the Stockholm-based post-production house, has upgraded its Quantel Pablo to 2K and stereoscopic 3-D operation, while boosting its workflow with the addition of the new Pablo PA software assist. The upgrade will help Mekaniken increase cooperation with its sister company Filmlance, one of Sweden's largest independent production companies, and expand its activities in the film business.

Founded in the mid-1990s, Mekaniken handles work including commercials as well as features and titles to episodic dramas and TV programs. Although there is presently not much demand for stereoscopic 3-D post in Sweden, Mekaniken wanted to be ready to take on work as the market develops.

After beta testing Pablo PA soon after it was announced, Mekaniken has been quick to adopt Quantel's new conform, preparation and assist station. Its workflow is now based around Pablo PA, enabling resolution of outstanding issues before moving over to Pablo for grading and finishing. In some cases, Pablo PA is used for technical grading and also for fine-tuning masks, taking the load of the main suite so it can concentrate totally on the creative aspects of production.